Web Development
Browser Testing

Browsershots  Online Version

Caniuse test page  Online Version

Utilu IE Collection  Website  Download

Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection  Website  Download

CSS Editor

Astyle CSS editor  Website  Download

Free CSS Toolbox  Website  Download

Oiko CSS Editor  Website  Download

CSS Sliders

cssSlider  Website  Download

Development Browser

Mozilla Firefox Developer  Website  Download

Mozilla Firefox Developer by PortableApps  Download

Mozilla Firefox Developer by PortableAppZ  Download

Mozilla Firefox Developer by Portapps  Download

Development Tools

Firefox Developer Tools

Dust-Me Selectors  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)

Firebug  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)  Extensions

Lighthouse  Website

Web Developer  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on|Opera Extension)

HTML Cleaner

Dan's Tools  Website  CSS Formatter  HTML Formatter

Ron's HTML Cleaner  Website  Download

HTML Editor

Free WYSIWYG Web Editors and Website Builders

Gratis WYSIWYG HTML Editors

Amaya  Website  Download

Aptana Studio  Website  Download

Arachnophilia  Website  Download

Bluefish  Website  Download

BlueGriffon  Website  Download  Version Comparison

BlueGriffon by PortableNAMP  Download

BlueGriffon by ThumbApps  Download

Brackets  Website  Download

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor  Website  Download

Google Web Designer  Website  Download

HtmlDocEdit  Website  Download

KompoZer  Website  Download

KompoZer by PortableApps  Download

Nvu  Website  Download  Forum  Manual  Tutorials

HTML Encoder/Decoder

browserling.com  Online

convertstring.com  Online

string-functions.com  Online

web2generators.com  Online

HTML Handleiding

Handleiding HTML  Website

LinkExaminer  Website  Download

Xenu's Link Sleuth  Website  Download

Markup Validator

CSS Lint

CSS Portal


The W3C Markup Validation Service



PHP  Website  Download  TS and NTS


Dynamic Drive  DHTML & Javascripts  New Additions  Forums

HIOX INDIA  JavaScripts  PHP

Hotscripts  JavaScripts  PHP

JavaScript Kit  JavaScripts

thesitewizard  Web Design  JavaScripts  PHP  CSS

Feed Reader

FeedEk  Website  Download


Lightbox  Website  Download


Tooltip JavaScript wz_tooltip.js  Website  Download  Extensions

Site Check

UITest.com  Online Check

URL Encoder/Decoder

meyerweb.com  Online

Web Server

EasyPHP Devserver  Website  Download

LuceeServerUSB  Website  Download

Uniform PHP MiniServer  Download

Uniform Server  Website  Download  Modules

USBWebserver  Website  Download

UwAmp  Website  Download

Viewer for PHP  Website  Download

WampServer  Website  Download

XAMPP  Website  Download  Add-ons

XAMPP Launcher by PortableApps  Download