BankTrans  Website  Download

GnuCash  Website  Download  Online-cursus

GnuCash by PortableApps  Download

GnuCash by PortableNAMP  Download

Manager  Website  Download

osFinancials  Website  Download

Classic Menu and Toolbars

UBitMenu  Website  Blogs  Download


ASAP Utilities  Website  Download

Business Functions Free  Website  Download  Version Comparison

ExTools  Website  Download

ExTools RX  Website  Download

mightymacros Excel Utilities  Website  Download


OfficeIns  Website  Download


Add-in for Microsoft Word 97 or higher: PDF-T-Maker  Website  Download

Add-in for Microsoft Office 2007: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS  Website  Download


Auditor Calculator  Website  Download

Microsoft PowerToy Calc  Download

Moffsoft FreeCalc  Website  Download


TeX  LaTeX

MiKTeX  Website  Download


Comparison of TeX editors

TEXnicCenter  Website  Download

TeXstudio  Website  Download

TeXstudio by PortableNAMP  Download

Personal Information Manager

ContactKeeper  Website  Download

Date Reminde  Website  Download

EssentialPIM  Website  Download  Version Comparison

EssentialPIM by ThumbApps  Download

Project Management

GanttProject  Website  Download

ProjectLibre  Website  Download


LibreOffice  Website  Download Extensions  Portable Versions

LibreOffice by PortableApps  Download

LibreOffice by PortableAppZ  Download

LibreOffice by PortableNAMP  Download

X-LibreOffice  Download

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors  Website  Download

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors by PortableNAMP  Download

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors by ThumbApps  Download

WPS Office Free  Website  Download  Version Comparison

WPS Office Free by ThumbApps  Download

Online Suite

Google Docs   Zoho

Suite Extensions Extensions  Website

To-Do List Manager

Task Coach  Website  Download

Task Coach by PortableApps  Download

Task Coach by PortableNAMP  Download

X-TaskCoach  Download

ToDoList  Website  Download

Access Viewer

Access Viewer  Website  Download

Excel Viewer

Bytescout XLS Viewer  Website  Download

Microsoft Excel Viewer  Download

Microsoft Excel Viewer 2007 Service Pack 2  Download

PowerPoint Viewer

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010  Download

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010 Service Pack 1  Download

Project Viewer

Project Viewer Lite  Website  Download

Visio Viewer

Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010  Download

Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010 Service Pack 1  Download x86  Download x64

Word Viewer

DocX Viewer by ThinstallSoft  Download

Word Processor

AbiWord  Website  Download  Development  Dictionaries

AbiWord by PortableApps  Download

AbiWord by PortableAppZ  Download

FocusWriter  Website  Download

FocusWriter by PortableApps  Download

Jarte  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Jarte by PortableApps  Download

WriteMonkey  Website  Download  Beta

WriteMonkey by ThumbApps  Download