1 Hour Software by Skrommel  Website

Dirk Loss: Windows-Tools on CD-ROM  Website

Sysinternals  Website  Utilities Index  Blog  Forum  History

Active Directory

Active Directory Explorer  Website  Download

Alternate Data Stream Remover

ADS Manager  Website  Download

AlternateStreamView  Website  Download

Exploring Hidden Alternate Data Streams  Tutorial by SecurityXploded

NoVirusThanks Stream Detector  Website  Download

StreamArmor  Website  Download

Streams Remover  Website  Download


Workrave  Website  Download

Workrave by PortableApps  Download

Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer  Website  Download

BulkFileChanger  Website  Download

Time Changer

Change Folder Date  Website  Download

FolderTimeUpdate  Website  Download

NewFileTime  Website  Download

SKTimeStamp  Website  Download

Barcode Generator

Bytescout BarCode Generator  Website  Download

SimpleCodeGenerator  Website  Download

Zint Barcode Studio  Website  Download

Zint Barcode Studio by PortableApps  Download

Barcode Reader

Bytescout BarCode Reader  Website  Download

Benchmark & Diagnostics

BATExpert  Website  Download

BatteryCare  Website  Download

BatteryCare by ThumbApps  Download

BatteryCat  Website  Download

BatteryInfoView  Website  Download

Notebook Hardware Control  Notebook

Boot Speed

BootRacer  Website  Download


DVD Identifier  Website  Download

DVDFab Inspector  Download

Optical Info  Website  Download

VSO Inspector  Website  Download


CPU-Z  Website  Download

CPU-Z by PortableApps  Download

CPU-Z by PortableNAMP  Download

CpuFrequenz  Website  Download

CrystalCPUID  Website  Download

inSpectre  Website  Download

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool  Website  Download

Intel Processor Identification Utility  Website  Download

Wagnardsoft CPU Benchmark  Website  Download


NoVirusThanks Desktop Discovery  Website  Download


Device Info  Website  Download

PCI-Z  Website  Download  Verification database

PCI-Z by PortableApps  Download - Hardware Identify  Website  Download

Unknown Device Identifier  Website  Download

Unknown Devices  Website  Download


DriverView  Website  Download

InstalledDriversList  Website  Download


Active@ Hard Disk Monitor  Website  Download

Ariolic Disk Scanner  Website  Download

ATTO Disk Benchmark  Download

BenchMe  Website  Download

CheckDisk  Website  Download

CheckDiskGUI  Website  Download

CrystalDiskInfo  Website  Download

CrystalDiskInfo by PortableApps  Download

CrystalDiskInfo by PortableNAMP  Download

CrystalDiskMark  Website  Download

CrystalDiskMark by PortableApps  Download

CrystalDiskMark by PortableNAMP  Download

Disk Check (PE)  Website  Download

DiskCheck  Website  Download

DiskCheckup  Website  Download

DiskMark  Website  Download

DiskSmartView  Website  Download

Disk Thruput Tester  Website  Download

Drive Fitness Test (DFT)  Download

Drive Fitness Test for Windows (WinDFT)  Download

Drive Manager  Website  Download

drivePowerState  Website  Download

Hard Disk Validator  Website  Download

HDAT2  Website  Download

HD_Speed  Website  Download

HD Tune  Website  Download

HDDScan  Website  Download

Hutil (Samsung HDD Utility)  Download

Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox  Website  Download

IsMyHdOK  Website  Download

Macrorit Disk Scanner  Website  Download  Version Comparison

MHDD  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks Drive Revealer  Website  Download

Parkdale  Website  Download  Benchmarks

Samsung Magician  Download

Seagate SeaTools  Download

SSD-Z  Website  Download

SSD-Z by PortableApps  Download

Victoria  Website  Download

WDISKINFO  Website  Download

File System

SFC Utility  Website  Download


FirmwareTablesView  Website  Download


3D.Benchmark.OK  Website  Download

DXVA Checker  Website  Download

GPU Caps Viewer  Website  Download

GPU Shark  Website  Download

NVIDIA Inspector  Website  Download

TechPowerUp GPU-Z  Website  Download

TechPowerUp GPU-Z by PortableApps  Download

LAN Speed

LAN Speed Test (Lite)  Website  Download  Version Comparison


MemInfo  Website  Download

Memtest86+  Website  Download

PassMark Memtest86  Website  Download  Technical  Version Comparison

QuickMemoryTestOK  Website  Download

RamMap  Website  Download

RamMap by PortableApps  Download

VMMap  Website  Download

VMMap by PortableApps  Download


Dead Pixel Buddy  Online

Dead Pixel Buddy  Download

DeadPix  Website  Download

Defpix  Website  Download

DumpEDID  Website  Download

EIZO Monitortest  Website  Download

IsMyLcdOK  Website  Download

IsMyTouchScreenOK  Website  Download

MonitorInfoView  Website  Download

Monitor - Pixel Repair

Dead Pixel Tester  Website  Download

Rizonesoft Pixel Repair  Website  Download

Undead Pixel  Website  Download

Network Adapters

AdapterWatch  Website  Download

NetworkInterfacesView  Website  Download


Notebook Hardware Control  Website  Download


Print.Test.Page.OK  Website  Download

Program Execution Time

TimedExec  Website  Download


64bit Checker  Website  Download

Belarc Advisor  Website  Download

BgInfo  Website  Download

ChrisPC Win Experience Index  Website  Download

Desktop Info   Website  Download

ESET SysInspector  Website  Download

EVEREST Home Edition  Download

EVEREST Home Edition (Last Free Version)  Download

ExperienceIndexOK  Website  Download

Free PC Audit  Website  Download

HiBit System Information  Website  Download

HWiNFO  Website  Download

HWiNFO by PortableApps  Download

Kaspersky System Checker  Website  Download

MiTeC System Information X  Website  Download

PC Wizard  Website  Download

RW-Everything  Website  Download

SIV (System Information Viewer)   Website  Download

Speccy  Website  Download

Speccy by PortableApps  Download

StressMyPC  Website  Download

SysInfo Detector  Website  Download  Version Comparison

SYSInfo Monitor  Website  Download

System Spec  Website  Download

WinAudit  Website  Download


Core Temp  Website  Download  Add-ons

CPUID HWMonitor  Website  Download

OCCT  Website  Download

OCCT by PortableNAMP  Download

Open Hardware Monitor  Website  Download

Real Temp  Website  Download

SpeedFan  Website  Download


Check Flash  Website  Download

H2testw4  Website  Download

Virtualization Features

VirtualChecker  Website  Download

Windows Installer Packages

InstalledPackagesView  Website  Download

Winsock Services

WinsockServicesView  Website  Download

Boot Configuration Data (BCD) Editor

EasyBCD  Website  Download

Bootable Media Tester

3 Ways to Run Bootable ISO Image Files Directly in Windows

Qemu Simple Boot  Website  Download


Online Yearly Calendar

AMP Calendar  Website  Download

Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK  Website  Download

Horst's Calendar  Website  Download

UK's Kalender  Website  Download

Date Compare

DateDiff  Website  Download

Cam Capture

Vovsoft Webcam Capture  Website  Download

WebCamImageSave  Website  Download

Certificate Viewer

MiTeC Certificate Information  Website  Download

Character Map

BabelMap  Website  Download  Online Version

BabelMap by PortableApps  Download


Hash  Website  Download

Hash Generator  Website  Download

HashCheck Shell Extension  Website  Download

HashCompare  Website  Download

Hasher Lite  Website  Download  Version Comparison

HashTab  Website  Download

IgorWare Hasher  Website  Download

Salted Hash Generator  Website  Download

SendTo MD5  Website  Download

SHA256 Hash Generator  Website  Download

SlavaSoft HashCalc  Website  Download

Snap MD5  Website  Download

SXHashSuite  Website  Download

SX MD5 Hash Generator  Website  Download

​Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier  Website  Download  Supported OS's and Office

Hash - Multiple Files

Checksum Control  Website  Download

Checksum Control by PortableApps  Download

CHK  Website  Download

CRCDropper  Website  Download

DeadHash  Website  Download

FairStars HashFiles  Website  Download

FileVerifier++  Website  Download

HashMyFiles  Website  Download

HashTools  Website  Download

Md5Checker  Website  Download

MD5Summer  Website  Download

MultiHasher  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks MD5 Checksum Tool  Website  Download

PeaUtils  Website  Download

PS Hash  Website  Download

QuickHash  Website  Download


QuickSFV  Website  Download

RapidCRC Unicode  Website  Download

RapidCRC Unicode by PortableApps  Download

RekSFV  Website  Download

SFV Ninja  Website  Download

CHM Viewer

Kchmviewer  Website  Download

Kchmviewer by PortableApps  Download


BleachBit  Website  Download  Winapp2.ini

BleachBit by PortableApps  Download  

CCleaner  Website  Download  Winapp2.ini

CCleaner by PortableApps  Download

CCleaner by PortableNAMP  Download

CCleaner by ThumbApps  Download

CleanAfterMe  Website  Download

Cleanmgr+  Website  Download

DriveCleanup  Website  Download

HDCleaner  Website  Download

Privacy Eraser Free  Website  Download

Privacy Eraser Free by PortableNAMP  Download

PrivaZer  Website  Download

TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer  Website  Download

Vovsoft Delete Multiple Files  Website  Download

Wagnardsoft Tools (WTools)  Website  Download

Wise Disk Cleaner  Website  Download

Wise Disk Cleaner by PortableApps  Download

Wise Disk Cleaner by PortableNAMP  Download

Duplicate Files Cleaner

AllDup  Website  Download

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder  Website  Download

CloneSpy  Website  Download

Double Finder  Website  Download

Duplicate Files Search & Link  Website  Download

Duplicate Pictures Cleaner

AntiDupl.NET  Website  Download

ImageFinder  Website  Download

VisiPics  Website  Download

Index.dat Cleaner

Index.dat Analyzer  Website  Download

Index.dat Suite  Website  Download

Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner

ShellBags Cleaner

ShellBag AnalyZer & Cleaner  Website  Download

SQLite Databases Cleaner

SpeedyFox  Website  Download

SpeedyFox by PortableApps  Download

Toolbars Cleaner

Avast Browser Cleanup  Website  Download

USB Traces Cleaner

USB Oblivion  Website  Download

Windows Installer Directory Cleaner

PatchCleaner  Website  Download

Clipboard History Manager

ArsClip  Website  Download

CLCL  Website  Download

ClipAngel  Website  Download

Clipboardic  Website  Download

Clipdiary  Website  Download

CopyQ  Website  Download

CopyQ by PortableApps  Download

Ditto  Website  Download

Ditto by PortableApps  Download

Clipboard History Viewer

InsideClipboard  Website  Download

Command-line Tools

GetNir  Website  Download

NirCmd  Website  Download

Win32 Console ToolBox  Website  Download

Command Prompt

ColorConsole  Website  Download

Command Prompt by PortableApps  Download

EasyCMD  Website  Download

Archive Repair

DiskInternals ZIP Repair  Website  Download

Object Fix Zip  Website  Download


Large Text Compression Benchmark

7-Zip  Website  Download

7-Zip by PortableApps  Download

7-Zip by PortableAppZ  Download

7-Zip by PortableNAMP  Download

7-Zip by ThumbApps  Download

X-7Zip  Download

7-Zip ZS  Website  Download

7-Zip ZS by PortableNAMP  Download

Bandizip  Website  Download  Tips & Tricks

Bandizip by PortableNAMP  Download

Bandizip by ThumbApps  Download

PeaZip  Website  Download  Add-ons

PeaZip by PortableApps  Download

PeaZip by PortableNAMP  Download AppCompactor  Download


ArcConvert  Website  Download


FUPX  Website  Download

FUPX by PortableApps  Download

MPRESS  Website  Download

Mpress GUI  Website  Download

mupack  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks UPX Easy GUI  Website  Download

UPX  Website  Download

UPX Shell  Website  Download


Archive Extractor Online  Website

ExtractNow  Website  Download

InstallExplorer TC Plugin  Website  Download

IShield TC Plugin  Website  Download

Less MSIérables (lessmsi)  Website  Download  Command Line

Less MSIérables (lessmsi) by ThumbApps  Download

MSI Unpacker from JSWare  Website  Download

PeaExtractor  Website  Download

PeaExtractor by PortableNAMP  Download

Universal Extractor Unofficial  Download

Universal Extractor koros mod  Website  Download

Universal Extractor koros mod by dev2null  Download

Universal Extractor Bioruebe mod  Website  Download

Universal Extractor Bioruebe mod by PortableNAMP  Download

Universal Extractor Bioruebe mod by ThumbApps  Download

UnRAR  Download

UnRAR.dll  Download

Unlimited GOTD  Download

UnWrapper GOTD  Website  Download

Non Compressible Files

NonCompressibleFiles  Website  Download

Compatibility Viewer

AppCompatibilityView  Website  Download

Computer Activity Viewer

LastActivityView  Website  Download


Quick Config  Website  Download

Console Emulator

Cmder  Website  Download

ConEmu  Website  Download

Context Menu Manager

Easy Context Menu  Website  Download

Fast Explorer  Website  Download


Online Conversion  Digital Dutch Unit Converter

Calculatormatik  Website  Download

Converber  Website  Download

Converber by PortableApps  Download

Convert  Website  Download

Crash Viewer

AppCrashView  Website  Download

BlueScreenView  Website  Download

WhatIsHang  Website  Download

WhoCrashed Home Edition  Website  Download  Version Comparison

WinCrashReport  Website  Download

CSV Editor

CSV Buddy  Website  Download

CSVed  Website  Download

CSV Viewer

CSVFileView  Website  Download

Data Grabber & Exporter

SysExporter  Website  Download

Database Application

Snap DB  Website  Download

Database Converter

Exportizer  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Database Editor
DBF Editor

DBF Viewer Plus  Website  Download

MDB Editor

MDB Viewer Plus  Website  Download

Paradox Editor

MiTeC Paradox Data Editor  Website  Download

SQLite Editor

Database Browser  Website  Download

Database Browse by PortableApps  Download

DB Browser for SQLite  Website  Download

DB Browser for SQLite by PortableApps  Download

MiTeC SQLite Query  Website  Download

SQLiteSpy  Website  Download

Database Engine

SQLite  Website  Download

Database Manager

DBeaver Community Edition  Website  Download

DBeaver by Portapps  Download

SQLiteStudio  Website  Download

SQLiteStudio by ThumbApps  Download

Database Viewer

ESEDatabaseView  Website  Download

Desktop Enhancement

ClassicDesktopClock  Website  Download

DesktopClock3D  Website  Download

DesktopDigitalClock  Website  Download

TheAeroClock  Website  Download

Color Temperature Changer

f.lux  Website  Download  Location Finder

LightBulb  Website  Download

Gamma Changer

DarkAdapted  Download


Show, hide, or resize desktop icons

AutoHideDesktopIcons  Website  Download

ReIcon  Website  Download

Show Desktop Icons  Website  Download


DesktopImages3D  Website  Download

Monitor Swichter

Monitor Swichter  Website  Download


Snarl  Website  Download  Add-ons  Supported Apps

Open Taskbar Programs Hider

HMW - Hide my Windows  Website  Download


PointerStick  Website  Download


Classic Shell  Website  Download  Skinning

Open-Shell  Website  Download

Shell Tray

Shell Tray Info  Website  Download

Taskbar Reorganizer

Taskbar Shuffle  Website  Download


MiTeC InfoBar  Website  Download

Virtual Desktop Manager

Desktops  Website  Download

Dexpot  Website  Download

VirtuaWin  Website  Download  Icon Sets  Modules

VirtuaWin by PortableApps  Download

Wallpaper Changer

ESCO Wallpaper Changer  Website  Download

John's Background Switcher  Website  Download

Spews  Website  Download

Wallpaper Master  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Window Colors

WinColor  Website  Download

Device Driver Calls

DeviceIOView  Website  Download

Device Manager

Device Remover  Website  Download

DevManView  Website  Download

GhostBuster  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks Dos Device Inspector  Website  Download

Directory Lister

Directory Lister  Website  Download

DirPrintOK  Website  Download

DriveZ  Website  Download

Filelister  Website  Download

MiTeC DirList  Website  Download

ScanDir  Website  Download

Disk Catalog

VVV (Virtual Volumes View)  Website  Download  Command line switches  Network usage

VVV (Virtual Volumes View) by PortableApps  Download

Disk Counters Viewer

DiskCountersView  Website  Download

Disk Defragmenter

Auslogics Disk Defrag  Website  Download

Auslogics Disk Defrag by ThumbApps  Download

Auslogics Disk Defrag Touch  Website  Download

HDiskDefrag  Website  Download

UltraDefrag  Website  Download

UltraDefrag by PortableApps  Download

UltraDefrag by PortableNAMP  Download

Vopt  Website  Download  Free License Key

Files Only

Defraggler  Website  Download

Defraggler by PortableApps  Download

WinContig  Website  Download

Disk Editor

Active@ Disk Editor  Website  Download

Disk Image Creator

ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver  Website  Download  Devio tutorial

ImDisk Toolkit  Website  Download

RawWrite  Website  Download

Roadkil's Disk Image  Website  Download

Win32 Disk Imager  Website  Download

Disk Sector Viewer

Disk Investigator  Website  Download

DiskView  Website  Download

DLL Viewer

LoadedDllsView  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks DLL Explorer  Website  Download

RegDllView  Website  Download

Drive Ejector

OpenCloseDriveEject  Website  Download

Drive Letter Viewer

DriveLetterView  Website  Download

Drive Shortcuts

Desk Drive  Website  Download

TweakNow DriveShortcut  Website  Download

Drivers & Services

DevID Agent  Website  Download

DUMo  Website  Download

DUMo by PortableApps  Download

ServiWin  Website  Download

Snappy Driver Installer  Website  Download

Snappy Driver Installer Origin  Website  Download

Ebook Checker

EPUB-Checker  Website  Download

EpubCheck  Website  Download

Online Ebook Checker

EPUB Validator

Ebook Converter

kepubify  Website  Download

Ebook Editor

EPUB Metadata Editor  Website  Download

Sigil  Website  Download  Plugins

Sigil by PortableApps  Download

Sigil by PortableNAMP  Download

Ebook Fixer

ePubFixer  Website  Download

Ebook Manager

Adobe Digital Editions  Website  Download

Adobe Digital Editions by PortableNAMP  Download

Calibre  Website  Download

Calibre by PortableApps  Download

Calibre by PortableAppZ  Download

Calibre by PortableNAMP  Download

Calibre by ThumbApps  Download

X-Calibre  Download

Ebook Reader

BookBrowser  Website  Download

Calibre  more>>

ePubViewer  Online

Icecream Ebook Reader  Website  Download  Version Comparison

SumatraPDF  more>>

EFI/UEFI Manager

EasyUEFI Free  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Email Address Extractor

NoVirusThanks Easy Email Extractor  Website  Download

Environment Editor

Rapid Environment Editor for Win9x  Download

Rapid Environment Editor  Website  Download  Environment Variables  Localization  Portable mode

Execution Delayer

DelayExec  Website  Download

Delayer  Website  Download

File Compare

BinaryFileCompare  Website  Download

BinCmp  Website  Download

Diff Checker  Online (Images|PDF|Text)

Diffinity  Website  Download

DiffNow  Online

ExamDiff  Website  Download

HexComp  Website  Download

Vovsoft Compare Two Lists  Website  Download

WinDiff  Website  Download


TableTextCompare  Website  Download

File Compare and Merge

AptDiff  Website  Download

DiffMerge  Website  Download

KDiff3  Website  Download

Meld  Website  Download

WinMerge  Website  Download

WinMerge by PortableApps  Download

X-WinMerge  Download

File Copy

Copy Handler  Website  Download

FastCopy  Website  Download  Command Line  Settings

FastCopy by PortableApps   Download

FastCopy-M  Website  Download

TeraCopy  Website  Download  Version Comparison

UltraCopier  Website  Download

XCOPY Frontend  Website  Download

XXCOPY  Website  Download  Version Comparison

File Deleter

Boot Deleter  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks Smart File Delete  Website  Download

Secure File Delete

Wise Force Deleter  Website  Download

File Joiner

File Joiner  Website  Download

File Manager

A43 File Management Utility  Website  Download

A56 File Manager  Website  Download

Alt Commander  Website  Download

Altap Salamander  Website  Download

Commander  Website  Download

Deep Explorer  Website  Download

DiskInternals Linux Reader  Website  Download

Double Commander  Website  Download  Plugins

DropIt  Website  Download

Explorer++  Website  Download

Explorer++ by PortableApps  Download

ExplorerXP  Website  Download

Far Manager  Website  Download  Plugins

Far Manager by ThumbApps  Download

File Commander   Website  Download

File Explorer (PE)   Website  Download

FileVoyager  Website  Download

FileVoyager by PortableApps  Download

FreeCommander XE  Website  Download

FreeCommander XE by PortableApps  Download

Multi Commander  Website  Download

NexusFile  Website  Download

NexusFile by ThumbApps  Download

Nomad.NET  Website  Download  Icon Packs

One Commander  Website  Download

One Commander by ThumbApps  Download

Q-Dir  Website  Download

Q-Dir by PortableApps  Download

Tablacus Explorer  Website  Download  Add-ons

Tablacus Explorer by ThumbApps  Download

The Doszip Commander  Website  Download

Unreal Commander  Website  Download  Free License Key  Plugins

XYplorerFree  Website  Download  Version Comparison

XYplorerFree by ThumbApps  Download

File Mount

Pismo File Mount Audit Package  Website  Download

File Optimizer

FileOptimizer  Website  Download

FileOptimizer by PortableApps  Download

File Renamer

Advanced Renamer  Website  Download

Advanced Renamer by PortableNAMP  Download

Ant Renamer  Website  Download

Ant Renamer by PortableApps  Download

Ant Renamer by PortableNAMP  Download

BulkFileChanger  Attribute Changer

Bulk Rename Utility  Website  Download

Bulk Rename Utility by ThumbApps  Download

File Renamer  Website  Download  Placeholders

Flexible Renamer  Website  Download

Inviska Rename  Website  Download

Ken Rename  Website  Download

KuKnet FileRenamer  Website  Download

Métamorphose  Website  Download

PFrank  Website  Download  Regex Links

Rename Master  Website  Download

ReNamer  Website  Download  Scripts  Version Comparison

ReNamer by PortableApps  Download

Siren  Website  Download

AstroGrep  Website  Download

X-AstroGrep  Download

CSearcher  Website  Download  Comparison

DocFetcher  Website  Download

Everything  Website  Download

Everything by ThinstallSoft  Download

LookDisk  Website  Download

MasterSeeker  Website  Download

MobileFileSearch  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks Smart File Finder  Website  Download

Office.Files.Images  Website  Download

Quick Search  Website  Download

ScanFs  Website  Download  Command Line  Disk Search  Disk Cataloging

SearchMyFiles  Website  Download

SMF - Search my Files  Website  Download

Super Finder  Website  Download

Super Finder XT  Website  Download

SwiftSearch  Website  Download

UltraSearch  Website  Download

Wise JetSearch  Website  Download

WizFile  Website  Download

Double File Scanner

Double File Scanner  Website  Download

Duplicate Files Finder  Website  Download

Duplicate Files Finder by PortableApps  Download

Duplicate Files Search & Link  more>>

Find.Same.Images.OK  Website  Download

LAN Search Pro  Website  Download

SoftPerfect Network Search Engine  Website  Download

Long Filenames

Long Filename Finder  Website  Download

PathLen  Website  Download

TLPD (Too Long Paths Detector)  Website  Download

Search & Delete

Search and delete  Website  Download

File Splitter

File Spliter  Website  Download

File Splitter & Joiner (FFSJ)  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks File Splitter & Joiner  Website  Download

Split Files  Website  Download

WinMend File Splitter  Website  Download

File Type Manager

NirSoft extensions information

FileTypesMan  Website  Download

Types  Website  Download

Folder Eraser

NoVirusThanks Fast Folder Eraser Pro  Website  Download

RmEDir  Website  Download

Folder Settings Viewer

ShellBagsView  Website  Download

Folder Size

Disk Usage (DU)  Website  Download

ExplorerXP  more>>

Folder Size  Website  Download

Folder Size Explorer  Website  Download

i.Disk  Website  Download

JDiskReport  Website  Download

MeinPlatz  Website  Download

OverDisk  Website  Download

Saleen TreeMapFs  Website  Download

SpaceMonger (Last Free Version)  Download

SpaceSniffer  Website  Download

TreeSize Free  Website  Download  Version Comparison

TreeSize Free by PortableApps  Download

TweakNow DiskAnalyzer  Website  Download

WinDirStat  Website  Download

WinDirStat by PortableApps  Download

WizTree  Website  Download

WizTree by PortableApps  Download

Xinorbis  Website  Download

XinorbisCOM  Website  Download

Folder Splitter

Folder Axe  Website  Download

Folder Structure Copier

TreeCopy  Website  Download

Zero Zipper  Website  Download

Font Editor

BirdFont  Website  Download

FontForge  Website  Download

FontForge by PortableApps  Download

Font Manager

FontFrenzy  Download

NexusFont  Website  Download

NexusFont by ThumbApps  Download

The Font Thing  Website  Download

Font Viewer

AMP Font Viewer  Website  Download

dp4 Font Viewer  Website  Download

FontView by Max2k  Website  Download

FontView by MeeSoft  Website  Download

FontViewOK  Website  Download

WinFontsView  Website  Download


FAT32 Format  Website  Download

Fat32Formatter  Website  Download

Format144  Website  Download

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool  Download  Windows 98 System Files

NoVirusThanks Drive Formatter  Website  Download

Samsung Format Utility  Download

SD Card Formatter  Download

SD Card Formatter by ThumbApps  Download

USB Disk Storage Format Tool  Website  Download

GDI Viewer

GDIView  Website  Download

Hard Disk Activity Monitor

DriveGLEAM  Website  Download

FloatLED  Website  Download

Help Authoring Tool

HelpNDoc Personal  Website  Download  Version Comparison

History View

ExecutedProgramsList  Website  Download

OpenSaveFilesView  Website  Download

Hotkey Manager

Clavier+  Website  Download

HoeKey   Website  Download

HotkeyP  Website  Download

X-HotkeyP  Download

MaxKeys  Website  Download

MPH (Media Player Hotkeys)  Website  Download

Send Windows Key  Website  Download

WHAT (Window Hotkey Activator Tool)  Website  Download

Hotkey Viewer

HotKeysList  Website  Download

Index.html Generator

dirhtml  Download

IndexMaker  Download

Snap2HTML  Website  Download

Installation Builder

Inno Script Studio  Website  Download

Inno Setup  Website  Download

Inno Setup QuickStart Pack  Download

NSIS  Website  Download

NSIS by PortableApps  Download

NSIS by ThumbApps  Download

NSIS Negrutiu mod  Website  Download

Unicode NSIS  Website  Download

Unicode NSIS by PortableApps  Download

Unicode NSIS by ThumbApps  Download

SSE Setup  Website  Download  Program Comparison

IP Address Extractor

NoVirusThanks IP Extractor  Website  Download

JSON Editor

JSONedit  Website  Download

JSON Viewer

MiTeC JSON Viewer  Website  Download

Jump Lists Viewer

JumpListsView  Website  Download

Key Composer

WinCompose  Website  Download

Key Logger

Hooker Lite  Website  Download  Version Comparison

KeyboardStateView  Website  Download

Keyboard Lights

Vovsoft Keyboard Lights  Website  Download

Keystroke Visualizer

Vovsoft Keystroke Visualizer  Website  Download

FolderMove  Website  Download

FreeMove  Website  Download

Link Shell Extension  Website  Download

NTFSLinksView  Website  Download

Logon Viewer

WinLogOnView  Website  Download

Macro Creator

AutoClicker  Website  Download

Clicador  Website  Download

Free Mouse Clicker  Website  Download

Keyboard & Mouse Simulator  Website  Download

NewFileGo  Website  Download

Pulover's Macro Creator  Website  Download

The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows  Website  Download

TinyTask  Website  Download

TinyTask by PortableApps  Download

Vovsoft Auto Mouse Clicker  Website  Download

MMC Snap-in Viewer

MMCSnapInsView  Website  Download

MUICache Viewer

MUICacheView  Website  Download

NFO Editor

GetDiz  Website  Download

jane  Website  Download

NFOpad  Website  Download

SMNsoft NFO Maker  Website  Download

NFO Viewer

iNFekt  Website  Download

NFOSTONERS  Website  Download

SlyNFO Viewer  Website  Download


CherryTree  Website  Download

CherryTree by PortableApps  Download

CherryTree by PortableNAMP  Download

Evernote  Website  Download

Evernote by ThinstallSoft  Download

Evernote by ThumbApps  Download

Flashnote  Website  Download

Info-Base  Website  Download

Joplin  Website  Download

Joplin by PortableNAMP  Download

MemPad  Website  Download

NoteItDown  Website  Download

NotesMan  Website  Download

OutWiker  Website  Download  Plugins


A Note  Website  Download

A Note by PortableApps  Download

DesktopNoteOK  Website  Download

PeperNote  Website  Download

PNotes  Website  Download  Version Comparison

PNotes.NET  Download

PNotes by PortableApps  Download

Simple Sticky Notes  Website  Download

ShortDoorNote  Website  Download

Stickies  Website  Download

Stickies by PortableApps  Download

Vovsoft Visual Notes  Website  Download

Object Manager Namespace Viewer

WinObj  Website  Download

WinObj by PortableApps  Download


Capture2Text  Website  Download

Easy Screen OCR  Website  Download

On-Screen Keyboard

How to Use the On-Screen Keyboard on Windows 7-10

On-Screen Keyboard by PortableApps  Download

Open With Manager

Open++  Website  Download

OpenWithView   Website  Download

Partition Editor

Partition-Explorer  Website  Download

Partition Manager

Active@ Partition Manager  Website  Download

EaseUS Partition Master Free  Website  Download  Version Comparison

GParted  Website  Download  

GParted Live  Website  Download

Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Free  Website  Download  Version Comparison

MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition  Website  Download  Bootable Flash Drive  Version Comparison

NIUBI Partition Editor Free  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Partition Logic  Website  Download

Partition Viewer

Show Disk Partition Style  Website  Download

Path Copy

Ninotech Path Copy  Website  Download

Path Copy Copy  Website  Download

PDF Bookmark Editor

JPdfBookmarks  Website  Download

PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor  Website  Download

PDF Converter
PDF to Word

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter  Website  Download

PDF2Word Online  Website

PDF Creator

Add-in for Microsoft Word 97 or higher: PDF-T-Maker  Microsoft > Office Add-ins > PDF

Add-in for Microsoft Office 2007: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS  Microsoft > Office Add-ins > PDF

BullZip PDF Printer Community Edition  Website  Download  Version Comparison

doPDF  Website  Download  Program Comparison

Doro  Website  Download

GPL Ghostscript  Website  Download

GPL Ghostscript by PortableApps  Download

PDF24 Creator  Website  Download

PDFCreator  Website  Download

Online PDF Creator

PDF Editor

Icecream PDF Editor   Online PDF Editor

PDF Merger

PDFBinder  Website  Download

PDF Combiner  Website  Download

Ultra PDF Merger  Website  Download

PDF Metadata Editor

Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor  Website  Download

PDF Organizer

PDF Mixer  Website  Download

PDF Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC  Website  Download (All Languages)  Security Advisories

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Update  Download

Adobe Reader  Download

Adobe Reader Update  Download

Foxit Reader  Website  Download

Foxit Reader by PortableApps  Download

Foxit Reader by PortableAppZ  Download

PDF-XChange Editor  Website  Download  OCR Language Extensions  Version Comparion

PDF-XChange Editor by PortableApps  Download

PDF-XChange Editor by PortableNAMP  Download

PDF-XChange Editor by ThumbApps  Download

PDF-XChange Viewer  Website  Download  OCR Language Extensions  Version Comparion

PDF-XChange Viewer by PortableApps  Download

SumatraPDF  Website  Download  Settings

SumatraPDF by PortableApps  Download

SumatraPDF by PortableNAMP  Download

Online PDF Reader

Online viewer for PDF, PostScript and Word

PDF Rotator

RotPDF  Website  Download

PDF Scanner

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2)  Website  Download

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2) by PortableNAMP  Download

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2) by ThumbApps  Download

WinScan2PDF  Download

PDF Splitter

Apex PDF Splitter  Website  Download

SepPDF  Website  Download

PDF Split and Merge

ConcatPDF  Website  Download

Gios PDF Splitter And Merger  Website  Download

Hexonic PDF Split and Merge  Website  Download

PDF24 Creator  more>>

PdfMerge  Website  Download

PDF Split and Merge Basic Edition  Website  Download

PDF Split and Merge Basic Edition by PortableNAMP  Download

PDF Split and Merge Basic Edition by ThumbApps  Download

X-PDF Split and Merge Basic Edition  Download

PDF Tools

Bytescout PDF Multitool  Website  Download

Debenu PDF Tools  Website  Download  Version Comparison

PDF Arranger  Website  Download

PDF Shaper Free  Website  Download  Version Comparison

PDF Shaper Free by ThumbApps  Download

PDFill PDF Tools  Website  Download

Pdftk - The PDF Toolkit  Website  Download

PDFTK Builder  Website  Download

PDFTK Builder by PortableApps  Download

PDFTools  Website  Download

Online PDF Tools

iLovePDF   PDF Candy   PDF Tools Online   PDFaid   Smallpdf   UnitePDF

Photo Copier

iCopy  Website  Download

Photo Printer

IDPhotoStudio  Website  Download

IDPhotoStudio by PortableApps  Download

ImagePrinz  Website  Download

Phoyo-id  Website  Download

Prefetch Viewer

WinPrefetchView  Website  Download

Process Activity

AllThreadsView  Website  Download

AppReadWriteCounter  Website  Download

Glint  Website  Download

HandleCountersView  Website  Download

ProcessActivityView  Website  Download

Process Blocker

Edge Blocker  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks Smart Object Blocker  Website  Download

Process Blocker  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Process Controller

Application Monitor  Website  Download

CurrProcess  Website  Download

Daphne  Website  Download

Daphne by PortableApps  Download

DTaskManager  Website  Download

DTaskManager by PortableApps  Download

FreeFixer  Website  Download  File Library

MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks Process Lister  Website  Download

Process Explorer  Website  Download

Process Explorer by PortableApps  Download

Process Hacker  Website  Download  Plugins

Process Hacker by PortableApps  Download

Process Hacker by daemon.devin  Download  Portable Plugins

Process Lasso  Website  Download  Version Comparison

ProcessKO  Website  Download

Runscanner  Website  Download  Process List

Startup Sentinel  Website  Download

Startup Sentinel by PortableApps  Download

SterJo Task Manager  Website  Download

System Explorer  Website  Download  Files Database

System Explorer by PortableApps  Download

TaskExplorer  Website  Download

What's Running  Website  Download

Yet Another (remote) Process Monitor  Website  Download

Process Library

Process Restarter

Restart on Crash Website  Download

Process Viewer

Microsoft Spy++  Website  Download  Help

ProcessThreadsView  Website  Download

SysGauge  Website  Download  Version Comparison - svchost.exe Lookup Tool  Website  Download

Process Heap Memory Viewer

HeapMemView  Website  Download

Program Access History

UserAssistView  Website  Download

Program Launcher

Executor  Website  Download

MultiRun  Website  Download

RunAsTool  Website  Download

RunFile  Download

RunFromProcess  Website  Download

SlickRun  Website  Download

SlickRun by ThumbApps  Download

Splat  Website  Download

Property System Viewer

PropertySystemView  Website  Download

RAM Disk

The best free RAM Disk programs for Windows

The RAM Disk Guide

AMD Radeon RAMDisk  Website  Download

Dataram RAMDisk  Website  Download

ImDisk Toolkit  more>>

PassMark OSFMount  more>>

Reboot Report

Why Reboot?  Website  Download

Recent Files

RecentFilesView  Website  Download

Resource Extractor

DotNetResourcesExtract  Website  Download

Redwood  Website  Download

ResourcesExtract  Website  Download

ResThief  Website  Download

X-Ripper  Website  Download

Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaners

CCleaner  Tools > Cleaners

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner  Website  Download

Registry Trash Keys Finder  Website  Download

RegSeeker  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Trial-Reset  Download

TweakNow RegCleaner  Website  Download

Registry Converter

Reg Converter  Website  Download

Registry Defrag

Auslogics Registry Defrag  Website  Download

Eusing Free Registry Defrag  Website  Download

NTREGOPT  Website  Download - Registry Compressor  Website  Download

Registry Editor

Aezay Registry Commander  Website  Download

O&O RegEditor  Website  Download

RawReg  Website  Download

RegAlyzer by PortableApps  Download

Registrar Registry Manager Home Edition  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Registry Finder  Website  Download

RegScanner  Website  Download

Search & Replace

RegmagiK 32-bit  Website  Download

Registry Exporter

RegFileExport  Website  Download

Registry Hive Viewer

MiTeC Windows Registry Recovery  Website  Download

Registry Key Deleter

NoVirusThanks Registry DeleteEx  Website  Download

RegDelNull  Website  Download

Registry Key Jumper

Registry Key Jumper  Website  Download

Registry Size

Registry Usage (RU)  Website  Download

Registry Viewer

EncryptedRegView  Website  Download

OfflineRegistryFinder  Website  Download

OfflineRegistryView  Website  Download


FlexRestart  Website  Download


A Ruler For Windows  Website  Download  Skins

PMeter  Website  Download

Window Ruler  Website  Download

Run Command

AdvancedRun  Website  Download

PowerRun  Website  Download

Run-Command  Website  Download

Screen Annotator

ZoomIt  Tools > Zoom

Screen Measurement

Screen Pixel Measurer  Website  Download

Screen Reader

NVDA  Website  Download

NVDA by PortableApps  Download

Screen Recorder

Choosing a Screencasting Tool

Screencasting Tools

ActivePresenter  Website  Download  Version Comparison

ActivePresenter by ThinstallSoft  Download

ActivePresenter by ThumbApps  Download

Any Video Recorder  Website  Download  Comparison

ByteScout Screen Capturing  Website  Download

CamStudio  Website  Download

CamStudio Lossless Codec  Download

CamStudio by PortableApps  Download

Captura  Website  Download

Captura by PortableNAMP  Download

Cute Screen Recorder Free  Website  Download

Debut  Website  Download

DVDVideoSoft Free Screen Video Recorder  Website  Download

Easy Screencast Recorder  Website  Download  Free License Key

GifCam  Website  Download

oCam  Website  Download  Codecs

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio  Website  Download

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio by PortableApps  Download

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio by PortableNAMP  Download

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio by ThumbApps  Download

Screen2Exe  Website  Download

ScreenToGif  Website  Download

ScreenToGif by PortableNAMP  Download

vokoscreenNG  Website  Download

vokoscreenNG by PortableNAMP  Download

vokoscreenNG by ThinstallSoft  Download

WinAVI Video Capture  Website  Download

Wink  Website  Download

Wink by ThinstallSoft  Download

Online Screen Recorder


Screenshot Capturer

7capture  Website  Download

CloudShot  Website  Download

FastStone Capture (Last Free Version)  Website  Download

Greenshot  Website  Download

Greenshot by PortableNAMP  Download

Free Shooter  Website  Download

HotShots  Website  Download

Lightscreen  Website  Download

Lightscreen by PortableApps  Download

X-Lightscreen  Download

QuickScreenShots  Website  Download

Screenshot Captor  Website  Download  Free License Key

ShareX  Website  Download

ShareX by ThumbApps  Download

Shotty  Website  Download

SnapCrab  Website  Download

SnapDraw Free  Website  Download

Snipaste  Website  Download

Snipaste by ThumbApps  Download

Sniptool  Website  Download


SiteShoter  Website  Download

WebShot  Website  Download

Search & Replace

Ecobyte Replace Text  Website  Download

FastGREP  Website  Download

File Find Replace  Website  Download

grepWin  Website  Download

grepWin by PortableApps  Download

Replace Genius  Website  Download

Search & Replace Master  Website  Download

TextCrawler  Website  Download

TexFinderX  Download


Shortcuts Search And Replace  Website  Download

Shortcuts Search And Replace by PortableApps  Download

Search Filter Viewer

SearchFilterView  Website  Download

Service Manager

Advanced Windows Service Manager  Website  Download

Easy Service Optimizer  Website  Download

Service Manager Plus  Website  Download

Turbo Services Manager  Website  Download


Ultimate Settings Panel  Website  Download

Shell Extensions

CBX Shell  Website  Download  Solution for Windows 64-bit & Epub thumbnails

Icaros  Website  Download

Open Command Prompt Shell Extension  Website  Download

RunWithParameters   Download

SendTo Menu Editor  Website  Download

sendtosendto  Website  Download

ShellExView  Website  Download

Shell Menu

ShellMenuNew  Website  Download

ShellMenuView  Website  Download

Shortcut Editor

SCURLed  Website  Download

Shortcut Manager

ShortcutsMan  Website  Download

Shutdown Manager

DShutdown  Website  Download

Shutter Lite  Website  Download  Version Comparison

WinExit  Website  Download

Signer Extractor

NoVirusThanks Signer Extractor  Website  Download

Software Update Monitor

Best Free Software Update Monitor

Ketarin  Website  Download

Ninite  Website  Help  News

Patch My PC  Website  Download

Software Informer  Website  Download

SUMo  Website  Download

SUMo by PortableApps  Download

Update Notifier  Website  Download

Special Folders

Folders Popup  Website  Download

Quick Access Popup  Website  Download

SpecialFoldersView  Website  Download

Speech To Text

Vovsoft Speech To Text Converter  Website  Download

SSDT Viewer

SSDT View  Website  Download

Startup Delayer

JockerSoft Startup Delayer  Website  Download

Startup Delayer Standard  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Startup Manager

Autoruns  Website  Download

Autoruns by PortableApps  Download

HiBit Startup Manager  Website  Download

Safe Mode Launcher  Website  Download

System Explorer  Tools > Process Controller

TaskSchedulerView  Website  Download

WhatInStartup  Website  Download


NirLauncher  Website  Download  Add-ons  Translation Packs  Utilities List

NirSoft suite powered by SyMenu  Download

Puran Utilities  Website  Download

Sysinternals Suite  Website  Download

Sysinternals Suite Installer  Website  Download

SysInternalsUpdater  Website  Download

System Tools for Windows  Website  Download - Technicians Toolbox  Website  Download

WSCC (Windows System Control Center)  Website  Download


Visual Subst  Website  Download

vSubst  Website  Download


Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility

CryptSync  Website  Download

Directory Compare  Website  Download

DirSync Pro  Website  Download

X-DirSyncPro  Download

Dropbox  Website  Download (Auto Sign-In|Setup)  Versioning Scheme

DropboxPortableAHK  Website  Download

DSynchronize  Website  Download

DSynchronize by PortableApps  Download

Echosync  Website  Download

FreeFileSync  Website  Download

FreeFileSync v6.2 by PortableApps  Download

jaBuT Backup  System Recovery > Backup

MEGAsync  Website  Download  Create account

MEGAsync by ThumbApps  Download

Microsoft OneDrive  Website  Download  Product Comparison

NitroShare  Website  Download

SyncBackFree  System Recovery > Backup

SyncFolders  Website  Download

Synchredible  Website  Download

Synkron  Website  Download

Synkron by PortableApps  Download

Toucan by PortableApps  Website  Download

Zback  Website  Download

Task Manager

TaskSwitchXP  Website  Download

Text Deduplicator

Text Deduplicator Plus  Website  Download

Text Editor

Comparison of Text Editors

AkelPad  Website  Download  Plugins

AkelPad by PortableApps  Download

Atom  Website  Download  Packages  Themes

Atom by Gareth Flowers  Download

Atom by PortableNAMP  Download

Atom by ThumbApps  Download

BowPad  Website  Download  Plugins

CudaText  Website  Download

CudaText by PortableNAMP  Download

EditPad Lite  Website  Download

Notepad Replacer  Website  Download

Notepad++  Website  Download

Notepad++ by daemon.devin  Download

Notepad++ by PortableApps  Download

Notepad++ by PortableAppZ  Download

Notepad++ by PortableNAMP  Download

Notepad3   Website  Download

PlainEdit  Website  Download  Plugins

ProgramEdit  Website  Download

PSPad  Website  Download  Extensions

PSPad by PortableNAMP  Download

RJ TextEd  Website  Download

Sublime Text  Website  Download

Sublime Text by ThumbApps  Download

SynWrite  Website  Download  Add-ons

SynWrite by PortableNAMP  Download

Text Editor Pro  Website  Download

Text Editor Pro by PortableNAMP  Download

Textadept  Website  Download

Textosaurus  Website  Download

Visual Studio Code  Website  Download

Visual Studio Code by Gareth Flowers  Download

Visual Studio Code by Portapps  Download

VSCodium  Website  Download

VSCodium by Portapps  Download

Text Filter

Text Filter  Website  Download

Text Grabber

Textify  Website  Download

WindowTextExtractor  Website  Download

Text Index Creator

Index Author  Website  Download

Text Substitution

Beeftext  Website  Download

Texter  Website  Download

Texter by PortableApps  Download

Textreme  Website  Download

Text Tools

Lintalist  Website  Download  Bundles  Plugins

TextWorx  Website  Download

WinSorter  Website  Download

Text To Speech

Balabolka  Website  Download

Balabolka by PortableApps  Download

Balabolka by PortableNAMP  Download

DSpeech  Website  Download

DSpeech by PortableApps  Download

Text Word Counter

Word Density Seizer  Website  Download  Online Version

Time Deceiver

AmoK Date Wizard  Website  Download

Cracklock  Website  Download

RunAsDate  Website  Download

Countdown Timer

Cook Timer  Website  Download

Cook Timer by PortableApps  Download

Free Countdown Timer  Website  Download

SnapTimer  Website  Download

SnapTimer by PortableApps  Download

TTclock  Website  Download


Chronometask  Website  Download


Free Stopwatch  Website  Download

FreeWatch  Website  Download

OnlyStopWatch  Website  Download

Online Stopwatch

TTclock  more>>

Translations Editor

IniTranslator  Website  Download

IniTranslator by PortableApps  Download

Microsoft Language Portal  Search Terminology

Poedit  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Poedit by ThumbApps  Download


NoVirusThanks Anti-AutoExec  Website  Download


Autologon  Website  Download


Autorun File Remover  Website  Download

Windows Autorun Disable  Website  Download

Drive Letters

Drive Letter Changer  Website  Download

Drive Letters Tool  Website  Download


CustomExplorerToolbar  Website  Download

QuickLook  Website  Download

Restart Explorer  Website  Download

Folder Icons

Folder Painter  Website  Download

Group Policy Editor

Add GPEDIT.msc  Website  Download

Group Policy Search  Website

Hide Drives

NoDrives Manager  Website  Download

Icon/Thumbnail Cache

Icon Cache Rebuilder for Windows 7/8  Website  Download

Rebuild Shell Icon Cache  Website  Download

Thumbnail & Icon Cache Rebuilder for Windows 10  Website  Download


Complete Internet Repair  Website  Download

Long Path

Long Path Fixer  Website  Download  Portable


CleanMem  Website  Download

Mem Reduct  Website  Download

Memory Booster  Website  Download

Memory Cleaner  Website  Download

MemPlus  Website  Download

RAMRush  Website  Download

Reduce Memory  Website  Download

Windows Memory Cleaner  Website  Download

Wise Memory Optimizer  Website  Download


WinMessControl  Website  Download


ControlMyMonitor  Website  Download

Dual Monitor Tools  Website  Download

EasyMCC  Website  Download

HRC - HotKey Resolution Changer  Website  Download

MultiMonitorTool  Website  Download

MultiRes  Website  Download

QuickChangeResolution  Website  Download

ScreenOff  Website  Download

Sordum Monitor Off  Website  Download

XPExplorer - Windows 10 DPI Fix  Website  Download


AlwaysMouseWheel  Website  Download

AutoHideMouseCursor  Website  Download

KeepMouseSpeedOK  Website  Download

Mouse Settings Changer  Website  Download

No Mouse Wheel Zoom  Website  Download

WizMouse  Website  Download

X-Mouse Button Control  Website  Download

Outlook Express

Tweaker for Outlook Express  Website  Download

Power Management

AutoPowerOptionsOK  Website  Download

Caffeine  Website  Download

Don't Sleep  Website  Download

PreventTurnOff  Website  Download

Switch Power Sheme  Website  Download

Print Spooler

Fix Print Spooler  Website  Download

Start Menu

Spencer  Website  Download

Start Menu Reviver  Website  Download

Start Menu Reviver by ThumbApps  Download


FixWin for 7 & Vista  Website  Download

FixWin for Windows 8  Website  Download

FixWin for Windows 10  Website  Download

GIGATweaker  Website  Download

Optimizer  Website  Download

Security & Privacy Complete  Website  Download

SMART  Website  Download

True System Security Tweaker  Website  Download - Advanced System Tweaker  Website  Download - Simple System Tweaker  Website  Download - Windows Repair  Website  Download

TweakPower  Website  Download

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 7 & Vista  Website  Download

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 7 & Vista by ThumbApps  Download

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 8  Website  Download

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 8 by ThumbApps  Download

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 10  Website  Download

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 10 by ThumbApps  Download

Vista4Experts  Website  Download

Winaero Tweaker  Website  Download

WinSlap  Website  Download

WinTricks  Website  Download

XdN Tweaker  Website  Download

xp-AntiSpy  Website  Download

xpy  Website  Download

xpy by PortableApps  Download


NoVirusThanks SysTray Refresh  Website  Download

Uninstall List

Uninstall List  Website  Download

Watermark Disabler

Universal Watermark Disabler  Website  Download


WebCam On-Off  Website  Download


DM2  Website  Download

DM2 by PortableApps  Download

RBTray  Website  Download

RBTray by PortableApps  Download

SmartSystemMenu  Website  Download

Window TopMost Control  Website  Download

Windows Defender

Defender Control  Website  Download

Defender Exclusion Tool  Website  Download

Defender Injector  Website  Download

Windows Firewall - Windows Firewall  Website  Download

Windows Login

Windows 10 Login Changer  Website  Download

Windows Updates

GWX Control Panel  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks Win Update Fixer  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks Win Update Stop  Website  Download

StopUpdates10  Website  Download

WindowsUpdateFixer  Website  Download


Complete Internet Repair  Tools > Tweaks > Internet


Unchecky  Website  Download


Most thorough software uninstaller  Ultimate List of Uninstallers

Bulk Crap Uninstaller  Website  Download

CCleaner  Tools > Cleaners

FCleaner  Tools > Cleaners

Geek Uninstaller  Website  Download

Geek Uninstaller by KloneB@DGuY  Download

Geek Uninstaller by PortableApps  Download

HiBit Uninstaller  Website  Download

HiBit Uninstaller by PortableNAMP  Download

InstalledAppView  Website  Download

O&O AppBuster  Website  Download

Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter  Website  Download

Revo Uninstaller  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Revo Uninstaller by PortableApps  Download

Total Uninstall (Last Free Version)  Download

UninstallView  Website  Download

Wise Program Uninstaller  Website  Download

Wise Program Uninstaller by PortableApps  Download

Wise Program Uninstaller by PortableNAMP  Download

ZSoft Uninstaller  Website  Download

ZSoft Uninstaller by PortableApps  Download

Uninstall Adguard

Adguard Uninstall Utility  Website  Download

Uninstall Adobe Programs

Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller  Website  Download

Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat Cleaner Tool  Download

Adobe Reader DC and Acrobat DC Cleaner Tool  Download

Adobe Shockwave Uninstaller  Download

Uninstall AMD Drivers and Programs

AMD CleanUninstall Utility  Download  HowTo

Uninstall AntiVirus Programs

Antivirus Removal Tool  Website  Download

AV Uninstall Tools Pack  Website  Download

Uninstall Avast Programs

Avast Clear  Download

Uninstall AVG Programs

AVG Clear  Download

Uninstall Comodo Programs

Comodo Uninstaller  Forum  Download

Uninstall Drivers

Display Driver Uninstaller  Website  Download

Driver Fusion  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Uninstall ESET Programs

ESET Uninstaller  Website  Download

Uninstall Kaspersky Programs 

Kaspersky Lab Products Remover  Website  Download

Uninstall Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Clean Uninstall Tool  Website  Download

Uninstall McAfee Programs

McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool  Download

Uninstall .NET Framework

.NET Framework Cleanup Tool  Website  Download

Uninstall Norton Programs

Norton Removal Tool  Website  Download

Uninstall U3 Launchpad

Remove U3 from a USB Device

SanDisk U3 Launchpad Removal Program  Download


DeadLock  Website  Download

DeadLock by ThumbApps  Download

Delete.On.Reboot  Website  Download

FileASSASSIN  Website  Download

LockHunter  Website  Download

NoVirusThanks File Governor  Website  Download

OpenedFilesView  Website  Download

TakeOwnershipPro  Website  Download

ThisIsMyFile  Website  Download

Unlocker  Download

Unlocker by PortableAppZ  Download

Unlocker by ThumbApps  Download


Shutdown Logger  Website  Download

StartTime  Website  Download

Stat4Up Beta & Windows UpTime  Website  Download

TurnedOnTimesView  Website  Download

UpTime  Website  Download

Windows Elapsed Running Time  Website  Download

USB Manager

USB Disk Ejector  Website  Download

USBDLM (USB Drive Letter Manager)  Website  Download

USB Drive Letter Manager Configurator  Website  Download

USB Viewer

Flash Drive Information Extractor  Website  Download

USB Device Tree Viewer  Website  Download

USBDeview  Website  Download

USBDriveLog  Website  Download

USBLogView  Website  Download

Windows USB Blocker  Website  Download

User Profiles

UserProfilesView  Website  Download

Virtual Floppy

Virtual Floppy Drive  Website  Download

Virtual HD

Simple VHD Manager  Website  Download

Virtual PC

StarWind V2V Converter  Website  Download

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone  Website  Download


Disk2vhd  Website  Download

Portable-VirtualBox Starter  Website  Download

Portable-VirtualBox for LiLi  Download

Paragon Go Virtual  Website  Download  Version Comparison

VirtualBox  Website  Download

VirtualBox by PortableAppZ  Download

VMLite Workstation  Website  Download

VMware Workstation Player  Website  Download  Version Comparison

VMLite Workstation Plugin for VirtualBox  Download

Windows XP Mode  Website  Download  Configure BIOS  XP Mode for Home Editions

DOS Emulator

DOSBox  Website  Download

DOSBox by PortableApps  Download

DOSBox SVN Daum  Website  Download

dosbox-staging  Website  Download

DOSBox-X  Website  Download

vDos  Website  Download

vDosPlus  Website  Download

Volume Controller

AppAudioConfig  Website  Download

SoundVolumeView  Website  Download

Volume²  Website  Download

Volumouse  Website  Download

VSS Client

Volume Shadow Copy Simple Client  Website  Download

VsToolkit  Website  Download

Window Eliminator

ClickOff  Website  Download

Window Explorer

GUIPropView  Website  Download

ShowWindows  Website  Download

Window Inspector  Website  Download

WinSpy  Website  Download

Window Hider

HiddeX  Website  Download

Window Hooker

DxWnd  Website  Download

Window Manager

AquaSnap  Website  Download

AquaSnap by PortableApps  Download

Gridy  Website  Download

Gridy by PortableApps  Download

Stick-It!  Website  Download

Taekwindow  Website  Download

Vovsoft Window Resizer  Website  Download

WinLister  Website  Download

Window Text Reader

GetWindowText  Website  Download

Windows Driver Store

Driver Store Explorer [RAPR]  Website  Download

Windows Error Codes

Error Lookup  Website  Download

Windows Installer

WinToHDD Free  Website  Download  Version Comparison

WMI Viewer

SimpleWMIView  Website  Download

XML Editor

Firstobject XML Editor  Website  Download

Microsoft XML Notepad  Website  Download

WMHelp XmlPad  Website  Download

XML Copy Editor  Website  Download

XML Tree Editor  Website  Download

XML Viewer Plus  Website  Download

XML Viewer

MindFusion XML Viewer  Website  Download

MiTeC XML Viewer  Website  Download


bsMag  Website  Download

Magnifixer  Website  Download

OneLoupe  Website  Download

ZoomIt  Website  Download

ZoomIt by PortableApps  Download