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Driver Sites

CRSKY  DevID  DriverAgent  Guru3D  MajorGeeks  NecaCom  Open Drivers  Rechner-Support  Softpedia (Search)  Station-Drivers

Device Drivers

How do I update drivers in Windows?

Bluetooth Drivers

Bluetooth Driver Installer  Website  Download

Gaming Peripherals Drivers

Logitech  Website  Download

SteelSeries Engine  Website  Download

Graphics Drivers

Downloads (AMD|NVIDIA|Guru3D|LaptopVideo2Go)


AMD Radeon Software  Website  Download

AMD CleanUninstall Utility  Tools > Uninstall AMD Drivers and Programs

ATIc Install Tool  Website  Download


NVCleanstall  Website  Download

NVIDIA GeForce WHQL  Website  Download  FAQ  Support

NVIDIA GeForce Experience  Website  Download

Printer Drivers

EPSON EcoTank ET-3750  Website  Download  Setup Navi

SATA Drivers

Marvell MV-91xx/92xx SATA 6G Controller  NecaCom  Softpedia  Station-Drivers

Firmware Updates

Softpedia  The Firmware Page

BIOS Sites

DriverStock  Freebytes-links  Softpedia

Barnes & Noble Simple Nook Touch

Barnes & Noble Simple Nook Touch  Download

Onyx Boox C67ML

Onyx BOOX C67ML v1.6.6  Download (Software Update)

Onyx BOOX C67 v1.8.1 Factory Tools  Download (Translated)

Onyx BOOX C67ML v1.8.2  Website  Download  FAQ  Manual (Handleiding)


Samsung  Download

Software Drivers

Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime)  Website  Download


DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer v9.29.1974 (June 2010)  Download

DirectX End-User Runtimes Redistributable v9.29.1974 (June 2010)  Download


.NET  Download

.NET Framework  Website  Download  Repair Tool

NET Framework Cleanup Tool  more>>

.NET Framework Setup Verification Utility  Website  Download

ASoft .NET Version Detector  Website  Download

dotNETInspector Website  Download

dotNETInspector by PortableApps  Download

Mono  Website  Download


Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 8  Download

Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE)  Download  Oracle

Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) by PortableAppZ  Download

jPortable by PortableApps  Download

jPortable Launcher by PortableApps  Download

OpenJDK JRE by EasyJRE  Website

OpenJDK JRE by PortableApps  Download

Disable Java in your browser

How to disable Java in your browser  (Java Control Panel|Ghacks|Gizmodo|Naked Security)

Java SE Runtime Environment by PortableApps Browser Switch  Download

Test Java

Test Java  (Bodo|JavaTester|Test Java Version|Verify Java Version)

Visual C++ Runtimes

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages  Download

Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable  Download

Runtime Libraries (Installer/Uninstaller) by Wilenty  Website  Download

VisualCppRedist AIO  Website  Download