Ad Blocker

Ad Muncher  Website  Download  Beta

Adblock Plus  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on)

Adguard Browser Extension  Website  Download

ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker  Website  Download

Google Ad Blocker  Website  Download

Nano Adblocker  Website  Download

Nano Defender  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on)  uBlock Origin  Waterfox

Privacy Badger  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on)

Privacy Possum  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on)

Skype Ad Remover  Website  Download

Spotify Ad Remover  Website  Download

uBlock Origin  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on|Firefox legacy Add-on)  uBlock vs ABP efficiency comparison

Universal Ad Blocker  Website  Download

uTorrent AD Remover  Website  Download

YouTube Video Ad Blocker  Website  Download

Account Killer


Anonymity Online

Web Prøxy

Advanced Onion Router  Website  Download

Freegate  Website  Download

I2P  Website  Download

SafeIP  Website  Download

Tor  Website  Download  GetTor

Tor Browser  Download  Mirror on Github  Manual

Tor Browser by PortableAppZ  Download

Tor Browser by PortableNAMP  Download

UltraSurf  Website  Download

Bookmark Manager

StorURL  Website  Download

Bookmark Viewer

WebBrowserBookmarksView  Website  Download


The HTML5 test - How well does your browser support HTML5?

Brave  Website  Download

Brave by Portapps  Download

chrlauncher  Website  Download

Chromium  Website  Download

Comodo Dragon  Website  Download

Comodo IceDragon  Website  Download

Google Chrome  Website  Download  History  Plugins

Google Chrome by PortableApps  Download

Google Chrome MultiVersion by PortableAppZ  Download

Google Chrome by PortableNAMP  Download

Google Chrome by ThumbApps  Download

Maxthon  Website  Download

Maxthon by PortableApps  Download

Maxthon by PortableAppZ  Download

Microsoft Edge  Website  Download

Mozilla Firefox  Website  Download (All languages|Dictionaries and Language Packs)

Mozilla Firefox ESR  Website  Download

Mozilla Firefox by daemon.devin  Download

Mozilla Firefox by PortableApps  Download

Mozilla Firefox ESR by PortableApps  Download

Mozilla Firefox Multi Profile Support by PortableApps  Download

Mozilla Firefox MultiVersion by PortableAppZ  Download

Mozilla Firefox by PortableNAMP  Download

Mozilla Firefox by Portapps  Download

Mozilla Firefox ESR by Portapps  Download

Mozilla Firefox by ThumbApps  Download

X-Firefox  Download

Opera  Website  Download

Opera by PortableApps  Download

Opera GX by PortableApps  Download

Opera by PortableAppZ  Download

Opera by ThumbApps  Download

Otter Browser  Website  Download

Otter Browser by PortableApps  Download

Pale Moon  Website  Download

Pale Moon by PortableAppZ  Download

Private Browsing by PortableApps  Download

Slimjet  Website  Download

Slimjet by PortableAppZ  Download

SRWare Iron  Website  Download  Chrome versus Iron

SRWare Iron by PortableApps  Download

SRWare Iron by PortableAppZ  Download

X-Iron  Download

Vivaldi  Website  Download

Vivaldi by PortableAppZ  Download

Vivaldi by ThumbApps  Download

Waterfox  Website  Download

Waterfox by PortableAppZ  Download

Waterfox by Portapps  Download

Waterfox by ThumbApps  Download

Browser Add-ons

Classic Add-ons Archive  Website  Download

Legacy Firefox Extensions  Website

Disable Firefox Add-on Compatibility Checks  4 Ways to Force Incompatible Firefox Add-ons or Extensions to Install

Firefox Multi-Account Containers  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)

FireShot  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on|Opera ExtensionVersion Comparison

Github WC Polyfill  Website  Download

HTTPS Everywhere  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on|Opera Extension)

IE Tab  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on)

Nimbus Screen Capture  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on|Opera Extension)  Version Comparison

Open Page in Private Window  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)

RESTClient  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)

RSSPreview  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)

Session Alive  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)

Turn Off the Lights  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on|Opera Extension)

WebToPDF  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)

Xml Pretty Viewer  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)

Tab Managers

Cluster  Website  Download (Chrome Extension)

Manage My Tabs  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on)

Panorama Tab Groups  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)

Tab Manager Plus  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on)

Tab Mix Plus  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)

Tab Mix WebExtension  Download (Firefox Add-on)

Tabli  Website  Download (Chrome Extension)

tabXpert  Website  Download (Chrome Extension)

Browser Add-ons Viewer

BrowserAddonsView  Website  Download

Browser Custom CSS

CustomCSSforFx  Website  Download  tabs_multiple_lines_fxx.css

firefox-csshacks  Website  Download  multi-row_tabs.css

Browser Downloads Viewer

BrowserDownloadsView  Website  Download

Browser Test

Acid3 Test  Online Version

CSS3 Selectors Test  Online Version

Webkit SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark  Website  Online Version

Cache Relocator

Moving Browser Cache Folder

SoftPerfect Cache Relocator  Website  Download

Cache Viewer

ChromeCacheView  Website  Download

FBCacheView  Website  Download

IECacheView  Website  Download

ImageCacheViewer  Website  Download

MZCacheView  Website  Download

OperaCacheView  Website  Download

SafariCacheView  Website  Download

VideoCacheView  Website  Download

WebCacheImageInfo  Website  Download

Connection Viewer

TCPConnectProblemView  Website  Download

TCPView  Website  Download

TCPView by PortableApps  Download

Contacts Viewer

LiveContactsView  Website  Download

SkypeContactsView  Website  Download

Cookies Handler

Cookie AutoDelete  Website  Download

I don't care about cookies  Website  Download

Cookies Viewer

ChromeCookiesView  Website  Download

EdgeCookiesView  Website  Download

FlashCookiesView  Website  Download

IECookiesView  Website  Download

MZCookiesView  Website  Download


Free and Public DNS Servers  1 | 2

ChrisPC DNS Switch  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Comodo Secure DNS  Security > DNS

DNS Angel  Website  Download

DNS-Lock  Website  Download

DNSDataView  Website  Download

DNSLookupView  Website  Download

OpenDNS  Website  IP Addresses  Parental Contol  Settings

OpenNIC  Website

QuickSetDNS  Website  Download

UncensoredDNS  Website


DomainHostingView  Website  Download

Download Manager

DownZemAll!  Website  Download

FireDM  Website  Download

HTTP Downloader  Website  Download  Portable

HTTP Downloader History Editor  ;Download

MEGA Link Downloader  Website  Download

Net Transport (Last Free Version)  Website  Download

uGet  Website  Download (Setup|Portable)

uGet Integration  Website  Download

uGet by PortableApps  Download

Web Downloader  Website  Download

WebRipper  Website  Download

Wget  Website  Download

Xtreme Download Manager  Website  Download

Xtreme Download Manager by ThumbApps  Download

Firefox Add-ons

DownThemAll  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on|Firefox WebExtension Add-on)

FlashGot  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)  uGet

uGet Integration  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)


JDownloader  Website  Download

JDownloader by PortableAppZ  Download

MiPony  Website  Download

MiPony by ThinstallSoft  Download

Download Speed Tester

DownTester  Website  Download

Favorites Viewer

FavoritesView  Website  Download

File Send

Private File Sender  Download

File Sharing

CuteTorrent  Website  Download

CuteTorrent by ThumbApps  Download

Deluge  Website  Download

Deluge by ThumbApps  Download

DVDVideoSoft Free Torrent Download  Website  Download

DVDVideoSoft Free Torrent Download by ThumbApps  Download

eMule  Website  Download  Server List  Server.met

eMule by PortableNAMP  Download

FrostWire  Website  Download

qBittorrent  Website  Download  Search Plugins

qBittorrent by PortableApps  Download

qBittorrent by PortableNAMP  Download

qBittorrent by Portapps  Download

qBittorrent by ThumbApps  Download

X-qBittorrent  Download

Tixati  Website  Download

Tixati by ThumbApps  Download

Transmission  Website  Download

Transmission by PortableApps  Download

Transmission by Portapps  Download

Transmission by ThumbApps  Download

Turbo Transfer  Website  Download

µTorrent v1.6.474  Download

µTorrent v1.8.4.16688  Download

µTorrent v2.2.1.25302  Download

µTorrent  Website  Download  Traffic Encryption  Version Comparison

µTorrent by PortableApps  Download

µTorrent by ThumbApps  Download

Direct Connect

DC++  Website  Download

Secure File Sharing

RetroShare  Website  Download

Sharecode Fixer  Website  Download

Torrent File Editor

Torrent File Editor  Website  Download

Bit Che  Website  Download

Torrent Search  Website  Download  Plugins list

X-Torrent Search  Download

TorrentRover  Website  Download

FTP Client

Cyberduck  Website  Download

Cyberduck by ThumbApps  Download

FileZilla  Website  Download

FileZilla by PortableApps  Download

FileZilla by PortableAppZ  Download

FileZilla by PortableNAMP  Download

X-FileZilla  Download

FTP Rush v2  Website  Download

FTP Rush v3  Website  Download

WinSCP  Website  Download

WinSCP by PortableApps  Download

X-WinSCP  Download

FTP Server

FileZilla Server  Website  Download

History Viewer

BrowserHistorySpy  Website  Download

BrowsingHistoryView  Website  Download

Chrome Autofill Viewer  Website  Download

Chrome History Manager  Website  Download

ChromeHistoryView  Website  Download

ChromeHistoryViewby PortableAppZ  Download

Facebook History Spy  Website  Download

Firefox Autocomplete Spy  Website  Download

Firefox History Spy  Website  Download

FirefoxDownloadsView  Website  Download

IEHistoryView  Website  Download

MiTeC E-mail History Browser  Website  Download

MiTeC Instant Messaging History Browser  Website  Download

MiTeC Internet History Browser  Website  Download

MyLastSearch  Website  Download

MZHistoryView  Website  Download

Opera History Spy  Website  Download

Safari History Spy  Website  Download

SafariHistoryView  Website  Download

SterJo Chrome History  Website  Download

SterJo Firefox History  Website  Download

URL History Explorer  Website  Download

WifiHistoryView  Website  Download

HTTP Debugger

Fiddler  Website  Download  Add-ons

Fiddler by ThumbApps  Download

URL Snooper  Website  Download  Free License Key

HTTP File Server

HFS (HTTP File Server)  Website  Download

X-HFS  Download

Instant Messaging

Instantbird  Website  Download

Instantbird by PortableApps  Download

Pidgin  Website  Download

Pidgin by PortableApps  Download

Pidgin by PortableAppZ  Download

Pidgin by PortableNAMP  Download

X-Pidgin  Download

qTox  Website  Download

qTox by PortableApps  Download

qTox by PortableNAMP  Download

Encryption Plugins

Pidgin-Encryption plugin  Website  Download

Pidgin-Encryption plugin by PortableApps  Download

Pidgin-OTR plugin  Website  Download

Pidgin-OTR plugin by PortableApps  Download

Facebook Messenger

Messenger for Desktop  Website  Download

Messenger for Desktop by ThumbApps  Download


Skype  more>>

Team Chat

Discord  Website  Download

Discord by daemon.devin  Download

Discord by Portapps  Download

Discord by ThumbApps  Download

Discord Chat Exporter  Website  Download

Mattermost  Website  Download  Comparison with Slack  Version Comparison

Mattermost by ThumbApps  Download

Mumble  Website  Download

Mumble by PortableApps  Download

Rocket.Chat  Website  Download  Comparison with Slack

Rocket.Chat by Portapps  Download

Rocket.Chat by ThumbApps  Download

Slack  Website  Download  Version Comparison

TeamSpeak  Website  Download

TeamSpeak by Portapps  Download

TeamSpeak Server  Download


Signal  Website  Download

Signal by Portapps  Download

Signal by PortableNAMP  Download

Signal by ThumbApps  Download


Telegram  Website  Download

Telegram by PortableApps  Download

Telegram by PortableAppZ  Download

Telegram Desktop by PortableNAMP  Download


WhatsApp  Website  Download  Online

WhatsApp by Portapps  Download

WhatsApp by PortableNAMP  Download

WhatsApp by ThumbApps  Download

IP Info

Copy Public IP  Website  Download

IPInfoOffline  Website  Download

Geo Data

GeoLite2 databases  Download

  IP to Country database  Download  CIDR  Database Archive

IP Converter

FastResolver  Website  Download

IP Monitoring

Down For Everyone Or Just Me? -> Check if your website is down or up

Integrio Uptime Scout  Website  Download

IP Watcher  Website  Download

Ping Monster  Website  Download

RedEyes Host Monitor  Website  Download

SiteUp  Website  Download

Tray Host Checker  Website  Download

Log Viewer

SkypeLogView  Website  Download

TcpLogView  Website  Download

MediaHuman Lyrics Finder  Website  Download

sLyrics  Website  Download

Mail Checker

POP Peeper  Website  Download  Plugins  Version Comparison

PopMan  Website  Download

PopMan by PortableApps  Download

Mail Client

Mozilla Thunderbird  Website  Download  Add-ons

Mozilla Thunderbird by PortableApps  Download

Mozilla Thunderbird Multi Profile Support by PortableApps  Download

Mozilla Thunderbird by PortableAppZ  Download

Mozilla Thunderbird by Portapps  Download

X-Thunderbird  Download

Opera Mail  Website  Download

Opera Mail by PortableApps  Download

Opera Mail by PortableAppZ  Download

Opera Mail Portable by Opera@USB  Website  Download

Mail Viewer

EML Viewer  Website  Download

Kernel EML Viewer  Website  Download

Kernel Exchange EDB Viewer  Website  Download

Kernel OST Viewer  Website  Download

Kernel Outlook PST Reporter  Website  Download

Kernel Outlook PST Viewer  Website  Download

MiTeC Mail Viewer  Website  Download

Online Mail Viewer

Encryptomatic's Free Online Email Viewer

Malware Alert Blocker

Chrome Download Unblocker  Website  Download

Firefox Download Unblocker  Website  Download

Music Downloader

deemix  Website  Download

deemix by PortableAppZ  Download

Hootr by ThumbApps  Download

Lacey  Website  Download

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter  Website  Download

Shinobi  Website  Download

SpotiFlyer  Website  Download

Freemake Music Box  Website  Download

Network Latency Viewer

NetworkLatencyView  Website  Download

Offline Browser

Cyotek WebCopy  Website  Download

WebScrapBook  Website  Download

WinHTTrack Website Copier  Website  Download

WinHTTrack Website Copier by PortableAppZ  Download

WinHTTrack Website Copier by ThumbApps  Download

Offline Switch

A Shortcut to Turn Off the Internet

InternetOff  Website  Download

Net Disabler  Website  Download

Online Tools

123apps Online Tools

Outlook Address Book Viewer

OutlookAddressBookView  Website  Download

Outlook Attachment Viewer

OutlookAttachView  Website  Download

Outlook AutoComplete

NK2Edit  Website  Download

Outlook Statistics Viewer

OutlookStatView  Website  Download


Pocket Radio Player  Website  Download

Radio Rippe  Website  Download

RadioSure Free  Website  Download  Free Skins  Stations  Version Comparison

Screamer Radio  Website  Download  Stations

Tray Radio  Website  Download

Radio Online Recorder

streamWriter  Website  Download

Radio Stations

Live Radio  Australia  Europe  New Zealand

vTuner Stations

Remote Control

Comparison of remote desktop software  VNC variants

Top 8 Remote Access Software for Providing Online Support

AnyDesk  Website  Download  Version Comparison

Chrome Remote Desktop  Website  Download (Extension)

Citrix Receiver  Website  Download

DWService  Website  Download  Contributions

MSP360 Remote Desktop  Website  Download

RDCMan  Website  Download

Remote Utilities  Website  Download  Free License

Supremo  Website  Download

TeamViewer  Website  Download  Solve Commercial Use problem

TeamViewer Management Console  Login  Register

TeamViewer by PortableApps  Download

TeamViewer by PortableAppZ  Download

TeamViewer by PortableNAMP  Download

Terminals  Website  Download

TightVNC  Website  Download

UltraVNC  Website  Download  Add-ons  Install/Config

RSS Reader

FeedReader  Website  Download  Online Reader

QuiteRSS  Website  Download

QuiteRSS by PortableApps  Download

RSS Guard  Website  Download

RSSOwl  Website  Download

Script Blocker

Ghostery  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Edge Extension|Firefox Add-on|Opera Extension)

NoScript  Website  Download (Firefox Add-on)

NotScripts  Website  Download (Opera Extension)

uMatrix  Website  Download (Chrome Extension|Firefox Add-on|Opera Extension)

SFTP Client

Bitvise SSH Client  Website  Download

Bitvise SSH Client by ThumbApps  Download

Cyberduck  FTP Client

FileZilla  FTP Client

FTP Rush  FTP Client

WinSCP  FTP Client

SQL Database Manager

HeidiSQL  Website  Download

phpMyAdmin  Website  Download


LibreSSL  Website  Download

OpenSSL  Website  Download

SSL Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Check (howsmyssl|ssllabs|weakdh)

Workaround for Logjam Vulnerability  Chromium-based browsers  Firefox/Mozilla

Workaround for POODLE Vulnerability  Chromium-based browsers

Subtitle Downloader

FileBot  Website  Download

SolEol  Website  Download


Mozilla SeaMonkey  Website  Download  Add-ons

Mozilla SeaMonkey by PortableApps  Download

Mozilla SeaMonkey Multi Profile Support by PortableApps  Download

Mozilla SeaMonkey by PortableAppZ  Download

Web Browser Tools Package  Website  Download


NOS Teletekst


KiTTY  Website  Download

KiTTY by PortableApps  Download

KiTTY by Portapps  Download

PuTTY  Website  Download

PuTTY by PortableApps  Download

Terminal Emulator

Bitvise SSH Client  SFTP Client

Time Synchronization

Atomic Clock Sync  Website  Download

TimeSync  Website  Download

Update Time  Website  Download

Vovsoft TimeSync  Website  Download

Time Zone

Time Zones  Website

TimeZonesView  Website  Download

World Clock  Website  Download

World Clock by PortableApps  Download

Traceroute Viewer

CountryTraceRoute  Website  Download  Geo Data databases

TraceRouteOK  Website  Download


Dictionary .NET  Education > Dictionary

QTranslate  Website  Download

QTranslate by KloneB@DGuY  Download

Vovsoft Batch Translator  Website  Download


File & Image Uploader  Website  Download  Version Comparison

File & Image Uploader by ThumbApps  Download

Image Uploader  Website  Download

URL Grabber

AddrView  Website  Download

URL Monit@r  Website  Download

URLStringGrabber  Website  Download

Video Downloader

3D Youtube Downloader  Website  Download

4K Stogram  Website  Download

4K Video Downloader  Website  Download

4K YouTube to MP3  Website  Download

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD  Website  Download  Free Registration Key

ClipGrab  Website  Download  Supported Sites

ClipGrab by ThumbApps  Download

Downloadgemist  Website

DVDVideoSoft Free YouTube Download  Website  Download

DVDVideoSoft Free YouTube to MP3 Converter  Website  Download

Free YouTube Video Download  Website  Download

Freemake Video Downloader  Website  Download

Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom  Website  Download

GemistDownloader  Website  Download

RTMPDump  Website  Download

RTMPDumpHelper  Website  Download

TVDownloader Website  Download

Usnip  Website  Download

VSO Downloader  Website  Download

WebVideoCap  Website  Download  WinPcap driver

WinX YouTube Downloader  Website  Download  Supported Sites

Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader  Website  Download  Version Comparison

YDL-UI  Website  Download

youtube-dl  Website  Download  Options  Supported Sites

youtube-dl-gui  Website  Download

Youtube-DL-Gui  Website  Download

youtubeDLFrontEnd  Website  Download

YouTube Pal  Website  Download

Online Video Downloader

DVDVideoSoft YouTube Playlist Downloader  DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP4 Converter   YouTubNow

Video Player

All P2P TV Player

DuckieTV  Website  Download  Online

DuckieTV by ThumbApps  Download

FreeTube  Website  Download

Stremio  Website  Download  Add-ons

Stremio by ThumbApps  Download

Football Streams

Dutch Streams   Feed2all   Firstrows   GratisEredivisieKijken   LiveTV   RojaDirecta   Stopstream   Vipbox   VIPLeague

Online Movies

KijkFilms  Website  Categories  Dutch Subtitle  English Subtitle  HD-movies  Live Stream

Viooz  Website  Countries (NL)  FAQ  Genres  Languages (NL)  Movies  Years

Online TV

DuckieTV   Freetube   wwiTV   wwiTV NL-kanalen

Online - uitzending gemist

RTL gemist  Uitzending gemist


Comparison of VoIP software

Skype  Website  Download

Skype Classic  Download

Skype by PortableAppZ  Download

Skype by Portapps  Download

Skype by ThumbApps  Download

sPortable by PortableApps  Download

PTT (push-to-talk)

Zello  Website  Download


MicroSIP  Website  Download

MicroSIP by PortableApps  Download

PhonerLite  Website  Download

VoipBuste  Website  Download


ChrisPC Free VPN Connection  Website  Download

OpenVPN  Website  Download

OpenVPN by Portapps  Download

OpenVPN by ThumbApps  Download

SecurityKISS Tunnel  Website  Download  Geolocation  Version Comparison

Shrew Soft VPN Client  Website  Download

Web Player
Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player  Website  Download (ActiveX|NPAPI|PPAPICheck Installed Version  Security Bulletins and Advisories

Adobe Flash Player by PortableAppZ  Download

Adobe Flash Player by ThumbApps  Download

Flash Movie Player  Website  Download

Swiff Player  Website  Download


Microsoft Silverlight  Website  Download (Setup|Setup x64)

Microsoft Silverlight Plugin by ThumbApps  Download

Webpage Update Monitor

ChangeMon  Online

WebChangeMonitor  Website  Download

WebMon  Website  Download

WebMon by ThumbApps  Download

WebMonX  Website  Download

Website Publisher

Web Site Publisher  Website  Download


IPNetInfo  Website  Download

WhoDat by PortableApps  Download

WhoisCL  Website  Download

WhoisThisDomain  Website  Download

WhosIP  Website  Download